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The Pee Pad Pawfected

FINALLY, a pee pad as cute as your pup! Be rid of those unsightly other brands... Our superior "À la mode" pee pad can absorb 8 cups of liquid all while never showing a single stain. A biodegradable, eco-friendly fix for your pups natural needs.



  • They look Pawsh

    Pee Padz exclusive, designer print has transformed the pee pad in to a work of art. Your guests are sure to think it's a designer door mat

  • Environmental Tech

    The sustainably grown bamboo charcoal top absorbs liquids and controls odours, while our 20% biodegradable plastic film ensures nothing makes it through to your floor

  • Superior Absorption

    Pee Padz can hold up to 8 cups of water! A unique Japanese technology converts liquids in to gel allowing a single pee pad to be used all day without replacing

  • Pawerful Attractant

    Just so your pup doesn't confuse it for a new home accessory, we have scented each pad with a safe scent to let your dog know this is the place to go. But don't worry you can't smell it

Pee Padz are engineered to Absorb 8 cups of water without showing a single stain. Check out that absorption power!

Pee Padz are equipped with a hi-tech charcoal topper that locks in odours and hides stains. Where does the charcoal come from? Sustainably grown bamboo, of course!


We have a naughty little dog named Lola, she pees A LOT, EVERYWHERE. We also have flooring that we LOVE. Thankfully, Pee Padz attract Lola and are super stylish! It has also saved the beauty and integrity of our gorgeous hardwood. Oh and our place never stinks when we get home! ★★★★★


I love that these are biodegradable and they control odour really well. How on earth does the puppy know to go here? Oscar hit the spot first try. Awesome product and liquids absorb fast! FYI, each pad has sticky tape tabs on the corners so you can stick them to your Trayz or floor! ★★★★★


People who visit think it's a designer doormat! My pup picked up going on them right away. He’s 14 and can’t go out in bad weather. Each pad is very absorbent. It will hold an entire pee with room to spare. Also, I purchased Trayz and connected 2 pads together and he has never missed. ★★★★★


The Pinnacle of Training Pad Technology. Our engineers have gone the distance to ensure this training pad will last all day locking in odours, without showing a single stain.

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A bit about Pee Padz

This isn’t just a Pee Pad, it’s comfort and convenience for you and your pup. And it looks STUNNING!

How long does they last? Do they smell?

Anywhere from 1-2 days depending on how often your pup uses them. The charcoal layer in each pad, soaks up urine and traps odours. This means you can get lots of use from each pad. Pee Padz can hold up to 8 cups of liquid, which converts to a heck of a lot of urine!

How does it work?

Simply put Pee Padz wherever you would like your pup to “go”. Liquids are completely absorbed in to the pee pad and the 20% biodegradable plastic layer makes sure nothing leaks through to your floor! Make sure to pick up any solid waste. Discard the pad in the garbage once you're pup is ready for a new one

How does the subscription work?

Our subscriptions have no strings attached. By being a subscriber you save $$ on each purchase. Subscriptions are 100% Flexible. You can change frequency (up to 10 weeks), skip deliveries, pause at any time and cancel ANYTIME! No contracts

Why designer pee pads?

Let's face it, traditional pee pads are downright embarrassing to look at. They literally look like diapers on your floor. So we decided to spice things up to allow the pee pad to be welcomed in your beautiful space! While we were at it, we made them hold more liquid, be biodegradable, and have a bamboo charcoal topper. Here at Pee Padz, we like to overachieve

What size for your pooch?

Pee Padz come in one standard size that fits all pups. The size measures 23" x 24". To create a giant, can't be missed potty, simply take advantage of our peel and stick tabs on the bottom of each pad and arrange the pads however you'd like.

Any tips for Training?

  • It is super important to remain very calm and supportive when asking your pet to use their Pee Padz.
  • Put Pee Padz wherever you would like your dog to go potty.
  • Wait for a time when your know your pup has to "go".
  • Walk your pup on leash straight to the patch and give the prompt or cue you’ve chosen, such as “do your business” or “go potty”. You can also try this off leash by sending them to the patch on their own.
  • Slightly praise any good behaviour like walking on the patch. Be sure to remove your pup if they are chewing or lying down on the patch. The Pee Padz should be strictly for pees and poops.
  • If your pup doesn’t go within 1 minute of being out with the Pee Padz, bring them in and try again in about 5 minutes. Continue this process until you have success or for 45 minutes, whatever comes first! Remember to stay calm and supportive.
  • Repeat this process at the same "go pee" time at least 5 days a week. If you do this your pup should master it in no time.
  • When your pup uses the patch, praise them enthusiastically and give them lots of treats. Seriously, have a party for your pooch. They will want to keep using it time and time again. Each time your pet uses it, give them super praise!
  • If your pup is still having trouble, we recommend transferring the scent of your pup’s urine onto the Pee Padz with a paper towel.
  • You can also use a target with your pets scent on it. Some pups love targets!
  • It is important to establish one location for the Pee Padz unit so you do not confuse your dog.

    When does it ship?

    We process and ship our orders daily. Tracking codes will be provided within 2 business days.

    Pee Padz are a Canadian product. Made by Canadian's, for Canadian's 🇨🇦

    Pee Padz are manufactured by Updog Inc. located at 2036 Bovaird Dr W Brampton, ON L7A0H5