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Our Story

Hi, We’re Adam & Jeff, lifelong dog owners and the creators of Pee Padz. The motivation to create the ultimate pee pad came after we both had bad experiences with existing pads on the market.

For Adam, living in a high rise condo and caring for his energetic puppies (Veronica and Shanks) proved difficult getting his pups down to do their business early in the morning and late at night – even after lengthy walks every day.

For Jeff, after his 10-year-old Golden Retriever (Mabel) had surgery it was difficult getting her to do her business in the house resulting in a lot of cleanup and general nastiness. As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Between the two of us we tried everything, from those ugly diapers (regular training pads) that you put on the ground, to big pieces of artificial turf that were incredibly disgusting to clean in the bathtub! After all that madness we decided to create the ultimate pee pad solution. We agreed they had to be environmentally friendly, ultra-absorbent, attractive to our dogs and stylish for us to look at! After months of trial and error we found the perfect solution and Pee Padz was born!

Finally, a single pee pad that can be used all day, that won't show a single stain and will lock in odours. Not to mention they're biodegradable and designer printed. 

We knew we had to bring this product to the people and pooches of Canada. So here we are! Making the ultimate dog and puppy training pad.